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First Solar Researching Improved Solar Panels

First Solar is the leader in producing thin-film solar panels. Their thin-film solar panels are unique to the solar power industry in that they are less efficient in transferring sunlight to power, but are much less expensive to produce.

Now, it’s been revealed, that First Solar has a research team working in Silicon Valley on the CIGS (copper, indium, gallium diselenide) solar panels. This type of solar panel has been pioneered by other companies, but in the hands of First Solar might be taken to the next stage of technological evolution.

CIGS offers the potential for thin-film solar panel with low production costs, but high efficiency levels of up to an incredible 20 percent. First Solar is currently at looking at ways to make this technology producible for low cost. If successful this could prove to have huge impact on the solar power industry in general.

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  1. George Lavdarias Says:

    I am interested in knowing things about improved solar panels concerning greater production of electricity during day and night.

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