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A Solar-Powered Green Christmas


During the holiday season, every home is busy buying and decorating for Christmas. The most bought Christmas decoration during this season is Christmas lights. It is expected that about a trillion Christmas lights are used to light up and decorate houses and

However, the long strings of Christmas lights, which are often incandescent or fluorescent, significantly affects the environment. According to studies, such Christmas lights emit considerable amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide which augments the problem in global warming.

So, nowadays as the trend is “going green”, it is not surprising that more homes and businesses prefer the use of solar powered Christmas lights when decorating for the holidays. Such lights are good for the environment as well as to the budget. They save energy from the sun in daylight and automatically turn on at night. Thus, there is no need for additional electricity. Since it is solar, it has considerably lesser chemical reactions which are harmful to health and environment.

Solar powered Christmas lights are composed of three parts – the solar panel, the battery and the LED light bulb. The solar panel is responsible for saving the solar energy and converting the same to electricity. The battery saves the converted energy upon its release at night. The LED light bulbs brighten the Christmas decorations while consuming lesser energy.

LED Christmas lights are also of high quality and are likely to last longer than ordinary Christmas lights. It can be re-used for the next holiday season if stored carefully. In the long run, the more people who re-use solar LED Christmas lights, the fewer Christmas lights are destroyed and thrown into garbage.

Also, re-using LED Christmas lights will result to fewer Christmas lights being manufactured. The less products manufactured, the less harmful pollutants will be produced. Imagine how many garbage and carbon dioxide are reduced by just reusing at least half of the trillion lights used for a current holiday season.

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