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Making Affordable PV Solar Panels

Want affordable solar panels? Sir Charls Shults shows us how he can make 6 kw Solar Systems for a fraction of today’s PV solar panel costs. With Shults’ method, you can power your home and Electric Car for $6,000 – way less than standard industry prices for PV systems.

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Eco-Friendly Drywall Company Turns to Solar Power

Eco-friendly drywall? A drywall company has made this strange concept a reality – baking their own gypsum-based drywall without burning fossil fuels by using the heat of the sun. Cleanboard, a San Francisco start-up company, prides itself in the fact that they can provide the same quality of gypsum drywall that has been on the market for years, except theirs is a “zero carbon footprint” product.

CleanBoard uses mirrors to collect and concentrate the sun’s rays on a heat collector, which then heats a transfer fluid that will be used to heat drywall ovens. Excess heat transfer fluid will be stored in pressurized chambers for up to 24 hours, enabling the company to continue to make drywall, even on those rainy days.

“We only want heat to power an oven,” CleanBoard founder Rod MacGregor said.

The company has developed the patent-pending technology with plans to begin full production in 2010.

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